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Capable of identifying a number of improvement opportunities in a company’s tax management, reviewing tax assessments is one of the specialties of Pactum Consultoria Empresarial. The purpose of analyzing the input and output operations for merchandise within an industry is to determine whether taxes due are being correctly calculated and if the company has reaped the benefits that legislation provides.

For a client in the ceramic tile business, tax assessment review has produced excellent results. Benefits included a reduction in the company’s tax burden, more efficient planning, improved accounting and tax procedures and, consequently, more information available for strategic decision-making.

Tax assessment review is a particularly important procedure with respect to so-called non-cumulative taxes, where the company gains the right to credit to offset debts arising from the previous chain. For this same client, Pactum identified several inputs that were not being considered as candidates for tax credits and are now utilized as such, contributing toward greater tax management efficiency.

“Reviewing the credits availed through inputs of the supply chain becomes more effective the more one learns about the company’s activities and its production cycle, from the entry of supplies, processing and output of products for the market. Only then is it possible to carry out an efficient analysis of the applicable legislation and the impact on tax burden”, explains Domingos Sávio Telles, director of the Pactum unit on Florianópolis (Santa Catarina state – SC).

The review of tax credits used by means of chain inputs becomes more effective as it meets the company's activities.



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