The coffee from the state of Minas Gerais is increasingly gaining the status of a gourmet product

All over the world, coffee is one of the products more associated with Brazil. We have been exporting this grain since the 18th century. Triângulo Mineiro (Minas Gerais Triangle) is one of the most important coffee growing regions, a place that brings together several coffee entrepreneurs.

The Coocacer’s partnership with Pactum began in 2003. It became stronger when, due to the significant revenue growth, the cooperative had to deal with a doubt that is quite common among companies: How to structure itself in order to grow sustainably?

It was in the city of Araguari (MG) that one of these ventures found great prosperity. The Coocacer – Cooperative for the Production of Coffee Growers of the Cerrado Region of Araguari was created based on the willpower and hard work of its founders, Antônio Reinaldo Caetano, Serafim Peres and Thomé Vicente de Lima. Currently, Coocacer is one of the main players in this market within its region.

Throughout the years, coffee farming has incorporated several technologies, enabling cultivation even in poor soil conditions, without jeopardizing the quality of production. Thanks to this evolution, coffee growers from Minas Gerais were able to increase their gains and grow.

Between 2011 and 2012, after a year of hard work with Coocacer, Pactum revised the assessment of the main taxes applicable to the operations of the cooperative, paying special attention to the concept of ‘cooperative act’ – as the activities classified as such are tax free. Based on this work, managers of the cooperative were able to plan all their operations strategically, with the specific purpose of preventing tax loss. Coocacer obtained a significant gain in terms of the quality of the information related to the tax burden applicable to its operating segment, since it stopped collecting taxes unduly by using an assessment system that is more suitable to its business model. The result of this initiative translated into a modern management, with greater tax efficiency, which contributed to the solid and enduring growth of the cooperative.

The most important of all is that the work developed was always based on the premise of preserving the history, mission and values of Coocacer. The careful, conservative and reliable analysis used by Pactum when conducting its projects is the best way to respect the characteristics and peculiarities of companies, aiming at the success of an operation, as was the case with Coocacer.

Currently, this partnership is as consistent as the image of the Coffee from the Cerrado Region of Minas Gerais around the world. And this partnership is projected towards the future. With a well developed plan, an exemplary management, and also with coffee increasingly gaining the status of a gourmet product, Coocacer expects a future with increased growth, for the satisfaction of its members, Araguari and surrounding region.

The Coocacer obtained a significant gain in the quality of information regarding the incident tax burden in its segment, failing to collect taxes and improperly using the most suitable for the calculation of your business model.



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