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"Entrepreneurs, executives and professionals are even genius in the art of producing and delivering goods and services"

Running a business, especially in Brazil, is an act that requires competence. Even more than that, at times it requires acts of heroism. Businesspeople, executives and professionals are geniuses in the art of producing and supplying goods and services, based on their understanding of their clients and customers' needs and demands.

Their genius lies in many aspects: their search for capital and willingness to face business risks; in the need for technology and in the creativity they use to do their work; in their facing competition from all sides and on all levels and in the development of marketing and powerful brands; in educating personnel, executives and managers and, especially, in knowing how to live with and handle unprecedented bureaucracy, not to mention the 40% of a company’s earnings that go to taxes, and that creates a torrent of difficulties in everything from accounting to the constant need for certificates of good standing, true prohibitions of doing business, in addition to other controls and registrations demanded by health, education, industrial and trade agencies, unions etc.

Even for these geniuses it is difficult to administer a veritable avalanche of legislation, thousands of laws and a single dynamic, with cases that must enter the first, second and third administrative and judicial levels, where risks and opportunities abound. As a matter of fact, many administrators have already perceived that in this setting companies are faced with it is necessary to see legal and consultancy services in a strategic way and work full-time with them to reduce risks and increase their company’s potential for results.

- Ivar Luiz Nunes Piazzeta -

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