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Our Offices

  • Law
  • Business Administration
  • Auditing
  • Economics
  • Accounting

We also have representatives and lawyers on hire to serve and assist customers anywhere in Brazil. In addition to these service professionals, we rely on an experienced team of employees specialized in obtaining and managing relevant information, in this way setting ourselves apart in the market by providing highly personalized service, which considers each client individually, thus rejecting the use of standardized procedures.

Each of our offices provides integrated customer and technical Services.

  • Customer Service - Responsible for providing clients with the legal information they need to make decisions and for legal management and strategic positioning.
  • Technical Service - We carry out studies and do surveys, make calculations and carry out procedures adapted to client demands, for everything from diagnostics to implementation, from local beginnings all the way to Brasília, in the administrative or court system.
Client area

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Pactum Consultoria Empresarial
Porto Alegre
Av. Independência, 1199 - Conj. 301
CEP: 90035-077
Phone: 55 51 3314-1414
Fax: 55 51 3311-0438
E-mail: rs@pactum.com.br
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